Designed to Naturally Hydrate and Replenish Dry Skin. Carefully Handcrafted with Love.

Our Story: The History of Mom's Love Rub

Our mom began making this ointment for us, her own children! Kids show up with a wide variety of cuts and scrapes and we were no different. She soon began using it for kitchen burns and she noticed that her skin (as well as ours!) was quick to respond to this wonderful ointment. So she did what any good mama does....she shared it with her friends! And in no time at all people began to ask us how they could buy some of their own. As Mom’s Love Rub made its way into homes across the country and the globe, we began getting testimonials on how it was being used and loved. (They’re constantly coming in!)

Nothing makes us happier than hearing your stories. We love to hear about and share the new ways you use this ointment based on your own experiences and needs! And as you can imagine, we can’t claim it heals or treats anything. But that’s okay by us. We’d rather you get some and discover for yourself how wonderful our natural product (full of love, I promise) can be!

Everyone asks about our name. Our mom believes you should put a little love into everything so from day one she started calling her ointment Mom’s Love Rub and we’ve had faithful customers from birth to 98 who swear by it.....and that’s something we are allowed to say!

Come join the Mom’s Love Rub family. We’d love to see you using the good stuff! And we’d love to hear YOUR testimonial as well!

We know most producers of great products won’t tell you this, but we want you to know something about our product. A little Mom’s Love Rub goes a long way! So you’ll get a lotta bang for your buck with us! Some people might even say our ointment stretches so far that our sales will take a hit. But we’re confident you’ll see like everyone else, Mom’s Love Rub is good for so many’ll want some handy by the bedside, in your purse or backpack, in your car, at the changing table next to all the diapers, at your friend’s get the idea.
So get busy and spread the Love.