Designed to Naturally Hydrate and Replenish Dry Skin. Carefully Handcrafted with Love.


Mom's Love Rub has softened my radiation-burned skin like nothing else has! Aloe vera wasn't very helpful once the burn healed. Good ol' coconut oil didn't do a whole lot better. But thanks to Mom's Love Rub, my skin feels wonderful! Tomorrow marks one year since that last radiation treatment. Thanks, Mom, for the blessing that is Mom's Love Rub!!!

-Marsha W. (2011)

"I gave a jar to my father who has a horrible problem in the winter with his hands. They turn into brittle paper and the tiniest thing will make the skin on his hands split open and crack, bleed, and in general, take forever to heal and just makes him miserable. He's tried every over-the-counter moisturizer, salve, etc. there is without much success. For the last 4 days, he's been using MLR at night and then putting gloves on his hands to seal in the goodness while he sleeps. Its only been a short time, but his hands have never looked better and for once, they are actually HEALING! I bet within another week, they'll be good as new. :) Happy to report *another* MLR miracle! They just keep on coming!!!"

-Katie C.H. (2012)

My daughter has super sensitive skin. She is broken out and itchy from suntan lotion that is supposed to be great for sensitive skin. Mom's Love Rub to the rescue. She has put it on and the itchiness is greatly reduced! Oh, how I love Mon's Love Rub! Thank you so much for the best stuff ever! <3

-Debbie E.B. (2017)