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Why Mom's Love Rub uses Shea butter and why you should too!

Mom's Love Rub

Shea butter is a commonly used beauty and skincare product due to its many benefits. It seemed natural for Mom's Love Rub to include shea butter in our original recipe! 

Shea butter is extracted nut fat from the African shea tree. Generally, shea butter is yellow but depending on how processed it has been it can range from yellow to white. Shea butter has been used throughout history, tracing back to the days of Cleopatra in Egypt, where they stored and carried it in clay jars. (Note: we can't say for certain, but we do believe Cleopatra would have thoroughly enjoyed using Mom's Love Rub because of it's use of shea butter and other beneficial ingredients!)

In general, shea butter has a shelf life of 12-24 months but it can be extended with preservatives. We do not include preservatives in our recipe to keep Mom's Love Rub all natural! Mom's Love Rub is unscented, but it has been known to have an earthy, nutty smell, which is from the shea butter. Those who are familiar with shea butter will instantly recognize this wonderful smell! 

Shea butter is known to be an excellent daily moisturizer when used on the face and body. It is known to reduce stretch marks caused by pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss, and it restores elasticity to skin naturally. It does not clog pores and is used in anti-aging creams to reduce wrinkles and blemishes. Many people with sensitive skin love shea butter for it's natural SPF content, reaching an SPF of almost 6-10 depending on the quality of the shea butter used! Paired with beeswax and the other ingredients used in Mom's Love Rub, shea butter becomes a powerful ally in protecting the skin against UV rays.

Here are some helpful links and reading materials about the benefits of shea butter:

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